Consulting services for agriculture

We will identify problems and restore stability to your farm. Or we will help those who start from 0.

Consulting services for agriculture

About the company
LLC "AGRIMILK-ANALYST" is an agricultural scientific and practical consulting company. We will take care of your household.

— Business planning of dairy farms.
— Development of strategies for the development of the economy.
— Training and training of specialists to achieve the set goal.

We have developed the "Healthy Farm" program using the DUTRION® tool. We are engaged in the sale of feed additives.

We offer a set of computer programs for efficient and automated management of dairy farming.
About the company LLC "AGRIMILK-ANALYST"
Our clients
SPU AgroMilk branch of JSC «Grodnooblnefteprodukt»
JSC «Good» Logoysky
SOUP «Mezhlesskoe» Luninetsky district
Lazduny-agro branch of JSC Grodno-Azot
Ditva Branch of Lidakhleboprodukt OJSC

We will help you if you want:

Increase the profitability of the farm.

Reduce risks.

Successfully develop a new project.

Simplify the management of the economy.

Spend less time looking for problems.

We will help you if you want:
We will help you if you want:
We will help you if you want:
How we work
How we work
Pay for the service.
We analyze the information. We form a report of 10-15 pages.
You send information about your complex (MTF).
We conclude a contract.
We contact you and discuss the details.
You leave a request on the website.

What the report includes:

Specific stages: what and why to do in the future.

Cost/profit calculation

Development strategies

Marketing research

Farm Business Plan

Economy of the economy

What the report includes
What the report includes
What the report includes
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Choose the appropriate package
We have put together convenient packages to solve your problems
Full package «Cow management ACS 8»
Full package «Consulting services»

Comprehensive services

Takes 2-3 days.
A list of tasks aimed at the development of the economy.
We form a report of 10-15 pages.
Complete analysis of your complex.

Consulting services

Support for 1 year.
Employee training.
+ installation of 5 programs as a gift!
Installation of a computer program.

App «Cow management ACS 8»

Our contacts

Our contacts
Address: 220055, Minsk, passage Masyukovschina, d 4, office 105
Tel-fax +375(17)265-14-20
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